Jerry Bernard's career in the equine industry spans over six decades, and the accomplished horseman offers not only a wealth of experience, but the ability to impart that knowledge and wisdom, helping others to apply what he's learned over the years, so they can become better horsemen.

His positive outgoing personality combined with his commitment to producing results have made him one of the most sought out horseman since coming to Aiken in 1970. It's been a long sojourn since he honed his skills at New York's Manhattan Riding Club, Jerry has been able to use his skills, talent and energies to the fullest extent possible, not only to bring out the best in the horses under his charge, but also in the riders with whom he's had the opportunity to work. Many have become fine horseman, with a solid foundation, largely due to Bernard's coaching.

The veteran horseman learned from the ground up, starting as a groom for accomplished horseman Gustave Mollet in Stony Brook, New York at Wide Water Farm, for the Melville Family, in 1962. In time, he succeeded Mollet as stable manager, and had hunting and saddle horses under his charge, and was also responsible for a pack of more than 60 hounds. He possesses authoritative knowledge of both horses and canines, and his dedication and outstanding work ethic have been a critical component to the operations he's been involved in over the years. He would stay with Wide Water through 1971.

His enthusiasm and passion for horses also served him well during his eight year tenure during the mid 1970's through the early 1980's at Camp Illahee, a summer camp for girls in Brevard, N.C., where he served as riding master and stable manager. Bernard oversaw and organized every facet of the equine operation and riding program.

Now headquartered at Breeze Hill Plantation, Jerry operates his own horse rental business off the farm, hiring out mounts for experienced riders to enjoy the Hitchcock Woods or join in the local hunts, as well as managing Breeze Hill Plantation's boarding program.

Contact Jerry at 803-443-3664 for more information.